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Paul Schreck

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From the Artist:

Born and raised in Louisville, I moved to the country with my wife in the 80's to homestead and raise children. A 40+year nursing career providing direct care has provided me the flexibility to pursue many interests. Passions include wine making, woodworking, and raising sheep. We have a farm where we produce much of our food and all the fruit for my wine making. My favored medium has always been wood. I enjoy turning platters, bowls, and vessels, often times using spatted or partially rotten wood. Using material that would otherwise be discarded and creating something beautiful and functional has always interested me - especially with wood turning - it can very much be like finding the hidden treasure. Our land and forest provide me with nearly endless material. I love searching for natures many shapes and patterns and then being able to display them in some functional piece. Recently I have begun experimenting with epoxy, which allows you to present these patterns and shapes in a new way. It seems that my work and directions are forever evolving.

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