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From the Artist:


I am 28 years old. I live in Charlestown, Indiana with my mother, my stepfather and my cats, Cleo and Sheba. I volunteer at JB Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I visit ArtSeed in New Albany, Indiana once a week to work on my artwork.


In my free time, I enjoy helping and spending time with my grandmother and my Uncle Raymond, and I also work at Rauch Industries in New Albany, Indiana.


I adore all things to do with and about cats. I plan on donating the proceeds of this book to the animal shelters.


Thank you to everyone that helped me get my book published, especially Julie Schweitzer, ArtSeed, The Indiana Arts Commission and Terri Branham from Rauch Industries for guiding and teaching me throughout the process.

I would also like to thank my mother and my sister Bree for always supporting me with my life.


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Gray Koesters is currently a student at the University of Louisville, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art History. Gray has been interning with Julie Schweitzer for over seven years. Throughout their time as an intern, Gray has participated as an exhibiting artist, curated and installed exhibits, written press releases, assisted with grant writing, managed social media and website content, and planned and facilitated events. 

As an artist, Gray enjoys creating mixed media pieces with a focus on nature and the whimsical. They apply a wide array of techniques to their work such as selective color, continuous line drawing, and collage. They have also recently discovered a love of embroidery and enjoy putting in the time to carefully stitch bucolic scenes and other charming designs onto hoops for friends and family.



Megan Boyle received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2021. She primarily draws and paints, working in both traditional and digital mediums. Her work is primarily figural and often highly stylized. She explores themes of memory, domesticity, and the internal world throughout her work, while always allowing the process of making to set the path and message.

As an intern at Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery, Megan Boyle has written press releases, designed cards, managed the Bourne-Schweitzer Facebook Page, and worked as a teaching assistant, as well as assisting in hanging and curating exhibits.


Jessalyn Robinson, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Drawing at Indiana University Southeast with a minor in Digital Arts, attributes her passion for art to her late grandmother and painter, Sue Sherrard. Although having participated in only a few shows at IU Southeast, she is eager to engage with the community through her internship at the Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery. 

Enthusiastic about all media and mediums of art, she particularly enjoys character design and exploring artistic styles in her artwork, drawing inspiration from the great painters of history, your favorite animated movies, and her own beloved cat. With a penchant for learning new techniques and dabbling in animation, Jessalyn aspires to contribute to the animation pipeline as a character designer, storyboard artist, or animator after college. Her dream is to write or lead the direction or design of a significant animated movie.


Victoria is a high school student and an intern at Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery. She helps with cleaning, showings and prep work for art classes.  Victoria occasionally helps out at Rauch Inc. 

While not an artist herself she grew up with parents who were interested in painting and woodworking and has a great respect for artists. She was offered a position as an intern at 15 while look through the gallery one afternoon and has been learning how to run a gallery. Victoria is taking an Art History class with the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the import role artists play in history. 

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