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A Paste-Up Mural Project in Collaboration with the Louisville Photo Biennial 



The Louisville Photo Biennial is celebrating its 24th year. There will be over 50 photography exhibits, lectures, and workshops at galleries, universities, and public spaces throughout the metro area, but thats not all...


PUMP is directed by Julie Schweitzer at ArtSeed Inc and a partnership with the Louisville Photo Biennial. 
Using an innovative and eye-catching process that allows photographs to be printed and pasted in public spaces, a myriad of  temporary works of art will be pasted in various sites, on buildings, and other public furnishings across Indiana and Kentucky. With an emphasis on displaying Indiana artists in Kentucky and Kentucky artists in Indiana, PUMP's goal is to generate more kentuckiana tourism and connectivity. Each piece will be equipped with a QR code and a walkable tour map. With just a scan, onlookers can find details about the venue through their website, explore the digital tour guide, and learn more information about the project from the Official Photo Biennial site.  

The pieces last for more than a year and are easily removable with no damage to the substrate to which they are attached
. The PASTE UP MURAL PROJECT (PUMP) will include professional photographers from each venue in Indiana and Kentucky. In addition to 50 professional Photo Biennial exhibitions, PUMP will be partnering with Floyd County Parks, the Ripples Effect Children’s Photo Contest, and the NA/FC Secondary School Show winners, to exhibit the work of children in the region.

The Louisville Photo Biennial has received support from the Caesar’s Foundation of Floyd County. 


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PUMP is directed by Julie Schweitzer at ArtSeed Inc and a partnership with the Louisville Photo Biennial. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Julie Schweitzer at or 502-649-3320.


The PUMP project will utilize the works of local artists to enhance tourist engagement, promote historic centers, and further connect communities. A walking tour guide, both printed and digital, will allow visitors and community members to explore the local community and districts while the QR codes accompanying each piece promotes the galleries hosting exhibitions of the respective artist. The project will include the very popular scavenger hunt that awards participant's for visiting each venue. 

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