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Jane Lloyd

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I studied Art and Design in Dublin. I learnt about colour and design while working in different mediums, painting, screen printing, glass and metal. When I left college I started working with fabric, I enjoyed its tactile qualities and unlimited colours. I joined the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild and the Irish Patchwork Society and found exciting things happening in the world of textiles. I have taken numerous classes with quilt makers I admire, learning different techniques and observing how other artists work.

I get inspiration from the world around, taking photographs and every day I must create a
collage in my day journal which gives me ideas for new work.

Recently I started working on a series based on the spiral, an old Celtic symbol found on ancient stones in Ireland. It is a very therapeutic symbol to work with.

I work using layers of fabric, which are cut and reassembled. Fusing is an integral part of the process as is the machine stitching. I play with colour and shape. Nothing is planned. I may have an initial idea which develops and changes as the work progresses. Going with the flow is exciting

I travel to Nepal about twice a year to buy the beautiful coloured cotton.

I have exhibited work in my own country and in Europe, USA and Japan.

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