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Kristien Warning.jpg

By: Kristen Warning

Showing at Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery

David Becker Giveaway Piece.jpg

By: David Becker

Showing at Bourne-Schweitzer Art Alley

Nostalgia and Anticipation.jpg

By: Keith Auerbach

Showing at PYRO Gallery

moon and mountzin sil.jpg

By: CJ Pressma

Showing at PYRO Gallery

man and fist B&W.jpg

By: CJ Pressma

Showing at PYRO Gallery

Membership Certificate.jpg

A one year Boone/Family membership from the Filson Historical Society

Kimara Wilhite.jpeg

By: Kimara Wilhite

Showing at Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery


By: Richard McWherter

Showing at Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana

Carol Henry - Derby- Ciba monoprint.jpg

By: Carol Henry

Showing at Wildflower Ranch Inn


By: John Nation

Showing at PYRO Gallery


By: Kevin Rose Shultz

Showing at Kleinhelter Gallery

21C Hotel Logo.jpg

A Sunday night stay and penguin swag from 21c Museum Hotel


A membership to the Speed Art Museum