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David Becker

Julie Schweitzer - BECKER.jpg
Julie Schweitzer - 06-26-2017_0133_DEBec
Julie Schweitzer - 07-20-2016_1928_DEBec

From the Artist:

Art is an act of discovery. Finding perspectives that evoke an emotional response is what drives my exploration. As a photographer I work hard to make images that freeze both time and space. Time is a reflection of motion, sometimes linear as in past to present to whatever is next. Motion conveys information, the distance between then and now. Space is represented in that information to define both what is there and what is not. A photographic image is a frozen moment in time; it is what’s left when nothing happens. Working with both color and monotone images I use space, negative space, shapes, line, tonality or color as the primary object of the image. Images that speak to me are those that instill a desire to be in that moment or to reflect on how information not captured effects the image, in other words a sense of wonder. In making an image I may strive to render that frozen moment as true to its space and time as I can understand it or manipulate the image in a way that better reflects my emotional response to that moment. As happens with each viewing, a “captured” moment or a “manipulated” work sets the image into motion once again, in a different space and time.

Born in Louisville, KY in 1960 I was inspired at a young age by a love of the outdoors and a world as seen through the pages of National Geographic, I began making images in high school during an eight day whitewater adventure down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was on that trip with a Kodak Instamatic camera in tow that my interest in fine art photography began. This new found passion was further enhanced when I inherited a collection of slides from my grandfather, whose heavy involvement with the Boy Scouts of America had taken him to every continent in the world and every State in the Union during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Having had this personal connection with my grandfather’s photographs and a love for travel I began to appreciate how film could be used to document and express one’s life experiences. Having photographed for a short while with my grandfather’s 35mm Browning Camera I purchased my first Camera in 1975 and began photographing what inspired me, mostly the wonders found in nature. By 1978 I had built my first darkroom and began developing, and printing black and white as well as color slide film. Beginning that same year I studied darkroom techniques and portraiture under Master Photographer Gus Frank. In 2002 I had no problem embracing the age of the pixel and acquired my first digital camera and continue making mostly digital images. While my main pursuit in photography is to capture fine art images I love to shoot whatever I find that evokes an emotional response. My hope is that these found images will show both the beauty and fragileness of our environmental and societal surroundings. This provided the impetuous for creating Findings Studio’s in 2007. I am also the CEO of Fire Equipment Service Company (FESCO), a fire protection company founded in 1952 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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