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Richard Kopp

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpeg

Richard Kopp is a Professor Emeritus from the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue Polytechnic New Albany. Prior to joining the faculty, Richard worked as a publishing manager, assistant art director, and computer graphics artist. His current interests are abstract painting and exhibiting.


Artist Statement:


I explore the infinite possibilities that nature offers through abstract paintings. My paintings aspire to capture nature's beauty by boldly contrasting abstract and drawn elements with a contemporary approach. The lively use of color accentuates the spirited mark-making to inspire a sense of wonder in the viewer. My artistic influences are Wassily Kandinsky and Jim Dine. I view Kandinsky's use of color and early abstractions as a source of inspiration. In addition, Jim Dine's use of color, mark-making techniques, and singular subjects makes a more personal connection. In my paintings, you will find horizon lines, valleys, and egg-like forms with several mark-making techniques. I believe my paintings are an abstraction of those natural forms with a sense of landscape.

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