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Art Orr


From the Artist:



 The artwork is a visual biography reflecting memories, experiences, and interests. It's like talking to one's self in visual terms about observation, execution, process, visual manipulations, and truth of statement. Many artists say that creating art is a pursuit of personal truth and I tend to agree.


I create art where the inspiration takes me. Therefore, the work may go in various themes or directions. However, since I moved to Florida, the Gulf Coast has instilled in me more relaxed themes of the beach, swimming pools, and birdhouses. Matisse's influence of care free scenes like sitting in an easy chair has dominated the content.


Through the years many of my works have had ambiguous connotations or meanings to them. The works may have double meanings. It may look one way but actually be another way in its message. An image may look playful but might be dangerous. An image may look dangerous but might be playful. The positive or negative interpretation of the main image can force ourselves to ask questions about how we judge what we are looking at. I have always wanted to make works that moved the viewer to think.

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