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Beatrice Guarneschelle-Holt

6. Sunrise over Oak Ridge 49” x 56” .5”, oil, ink on canvas $1,800..jpg
Artist Photo, August 2023.jpg
7. Dawn As A Hesitant Candle  33” x 44” oil on canvas $1,500..jpg


Growing up in her father's studio, Holt developed a passion for pigment. Her father, Nicholas Guarneschelli taught portrait painting at the Louisville School of Art in the 1920 to 1940s.

Holt has taught at the University of Louisville, Forest Park Community College of St. Louis, Wichita Art Center, Northern Kentucky University and Indiana University. Her oils have been exhibited in juried shows throughout Indiana, including the Swope Museum in Terre Haute. Her oils hang in national and international collections.

Subjects for her paintings range from psychological studies, reflective portraits, lush landscapes to abstract and large allegorical canvases.

Artist Statement From the Artist:


The artist focuses on images of light such as sunrises to emphasize the love of life through color and the hope of light defeating darkness and thus, death. The artist's large oils on canvas combine the dynamics of pigments playing against each other and enhancing the powers of each resulting in dynamic emotional responses to gift of life of hope, thus, of love.

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