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Fong Choo

From the Artist:

Artist statement:

As a studio potter, I embrace creativity while simultaneously craving focus. One part of me [the person I am, my essential core] cherishes the idea of doing one thing really well, while another part of me stresses wandering creativity.

For over three wonderful decades I mostly have been creating my signature diminutive teapots. However, as of late, I have resorted back to exploring my utilitarian roots:  creating bowls, mugs, vases and platters etc… so as to be able to utilize all the “Dwippy” glaze methods that I have been researching these last several years.

It was also during this glaze search period that several unorthodox methods of glazing came to fruition utilizing commercial low fire, highly fluxed, reactive, and crystal glazes to create a dazzling palette of finishes. These results have been described in many ways: Luscious. Random. Runny. Marbly. Amazing. Dwippy.  I like to say “they’re so loose they slide” and the results have given me the artistic freedom to utilize clay forms other than my teapots.

At this very moment, it feels good to be in the flow of the life of a practicing studio potter. As much as it continues to challenge and fascinate me, I will never stop striving for metamorphosis, for growth, and for expansion within my work. 

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