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Chad Balster

Chad Balster Portrait.jpg
Chad Balster Glass.jpg

Chad first started working in glass in Minneapolis in 1996 as a balmy summer job. “I’ve been chasing it ever since.” he says. Following “Hot Glass” to the headwaters of the Mississippi river, to Seattle, and then to Louisville in 2003, he was invited to be a resident artist at Louisville Glassworks, producing artteaching classes and building mobile glass studios. In 2012, he started Chad Balster Glass, concentrating on making new and innovative production designs and one of a kind works of glass art. You can find his work in galleries from British Columbia in “Pacific Wave Glass Art ltd." to the tip of Florida in “Hollywood Hot Glass“. He participates in a number of Art Fair exhibitions throughout the midwest and south, notably St. James Court in Louisville, Loring Park Art Fair in Minneapolis, and SummerFair in Cincinnati.  

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