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Kevin Schultz

Kevin Schultz Portrait.jpg

Kevin studied art at Indiana University Southeast and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1982. She went on to study with many artists and received her MAT in 2001 from the University of Louisville. She lives in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, where she has a beautiful studio designed by her husband, Rick. She teaches drawing and photography at New Albany High School. She has won many awards and continues to compete in juried exhibitions.

In the “Victorian Series," Kevin Schultz, plays with the beauty in nature and the female form. These artworks are exploring how flower gardens can reveal a sense of inner beauty in the human form. The model for the images is wearing an antique Victorian dress. The flower garden images are from local gardens and the artist’s own Iris garden which feature flowers handed down from her grandmother. There was this connection between flowers holding emotions and memories and how they sometimes become keepsakes. A history continues in the unfolding of the flowers in the spring and the story of the Victorian dress.


From the Artist:


"The creative process inspires me to explore and develop art in many different media. Making art enriches my life and feeds my soul. I want to fill everyday with discovery! As an educator, I love to share my passion and encourage others to make their own discoveries in their creations!"

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